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Don’t Take Our Word for It

Affordable Chimney Sweep in Northern Michigan and Central Florida has a reputation for quality chimney cleaning services including chimney sweeping, fireplace cleanout and gasket repair. You don’t have to take our word for it though. Read through these reviews and testimonials from some of our satisfied customers.

"Matt did a super job of cleaning our chimney. We were able to get an appointment within 24 hours of contacting him.  He did a wonderful job of explaining proper functioning of wood stove and chimney.  He arrived on time and completed the job as explained. He was thorough and neat.  We enjoyed meeting Matt. He was a pleasure to do business with."

- Mike and Becky Lanham

"Excellent job done by this company.  I will have them back again in the spring to service my other stoves.  I am very pleased and would recommend this company to all that have chimneys in need of cleaning."

- David Horton

"Matt did us such a favor! We couldn't have a fire in the middle of Dec. because our chimney was so blocked. He came on a Sat. morning (b4 9). He was thorough, respectful & very helpful. His recommendations we reasonable & practical."

- Larry & Kim Leitow

"Matt came to our house and cleaned both our chimneys.  He was efficient, professional, on time and on budget.  I will be recommending him to friends and clients in the future, and will be bringing him back every year or two to inspect our chimneys and keep them in clean and free of Creosote.  Thanks Matt!"

- Ray Weigel

"Matt provided us with top notch professional work that was done thoroughly start-to-finish.

Our chimney had starling birds nest and nearly solid creosote buildup. After Matt's inspection, explanation of the service needed and complete chimney sweep process, our home's chimney and wood stove are now clean and in safe working condition.

Matt provided us a detailed list showing the work performed along with some extra points for future consideration. He was careful to explain proper usage and regular maintenance necessary for our particular wood stove.

Matt is personable and dedicated. We'll be sure to call him when it's time for another chimney sweeping.

Thanks to Matt, our 40 year old wood stove is ready to warm our home safely for many more winters yet to come; and after many years the old stove finally has a name, ..Matt calls it 'Fred'."

- M/M Borey

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